Elizabeth Norman

Elizabeth Norman is a Baltimore-based comedian.


What's Up

Elizabeth Norman is a stand-up comedian with a background in sketch comedy. Native to Baltimore, she has been performing comedy for live audiences since in 2012, in her first season as a member of Kenyon College's sketch comedy team Beyond Therapy. Bolstered by her experience in writing and acting, Elizabeth made the leap to stand-up in 2015, while on summer break back in Baltimore. After finishing up her senior year in Ohio, Elizabeth returned full time to Baltimore in May 2016 and has been performing stand-up regularly since then, throughout Baltimore and D.C. as well as Pennsylvania and Virginia. 

She’s very funny and pretty cute. She produces three monthly shows in Baltimore - Club-”Out-of-Town,” a mic and showcase for women, queer, non-binary and trans people; Hot Set, a show where every comedian has to eat something spicy before their set; and Ugly Baby, a new showcase in Fell’s Point.